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This little bitty teacup shaded golden is from Betty of Stardazl.  Her name is Champion Victorian Sunrise of Cuddle N Purr.  I could not have asked for a sweeter little teacup girl then this little angle.  Thank you so much Betty for this little gem!

  Our Persian cattery specializes in the smaller sized Persians, which has come to be known as teacup Persians in Silver, Gold and tabby colors.  We strive to produce small stature adults who are genetically sound and healthy. The teacup Persian is not a separate breed, it is an adjective to describe the size that we strive to produce.  Just like some breeders strive for the largest stature, we strive for the smallest.  Our ultimate goal, beyond teacup size is to produce healthy kitties, who are free of genetic defects as well as poor husbandry issues.  Our kitties are our family; you will see our kids having free roam of our home, mothers giving birth in 6 foot walk in cages that other catteries confine their male to.  Our teenage kittens enjoy the freedom of their own bedroom instead of a cage. We strive to produce loving, sweet, and above all healthy kittens.  If you want kittens that you can cozy up to and they just want to cuddle and purr.  You will find the most magnificent emerald green eyes in or a seductively beautiful blue eye that is just out of this world!

I have 14 years of cat breeding experience.  We offer a heath guarantee on all of our babies, they will come to you fully vaccinated, have gone though kitten school so you will be assured to receive a Persian Kitten that is fully socialized and well adjusted to fit into its new forever home.  All of our babies are registered with CFA.

Please do not take photos from this web site without asking.

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Burgandy with Frindge-
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Burgandy with Frindge

OMG this is such a cute and unique set!  The burgundy fabric has almost a bias applied subtle design that is really quite elegant.  Since the fabric has a lot of texture, I set this up as a more subtle set with a tailored top with fringe.  The side panels are done is an easy to wash black fabric that would be BEAUTIFUL to have your cattery name embroidered to really personalize this set

Price:Was $155.00 Sale! $120.00
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Custom Embroidery-
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Custom Embroidery

At Cuddle N Purr, we are able to do custom embroidery for you with your cattery name, or even a breed and cattery name.  For a single color cattery name the charge is $25.00, we have a lot of fonts available, or if you have a specific font that you want, we can work with that as well.  If you would like a more complex 2 tone embroidery we can do that for you for a charge of $35.00.  If you would like to do something with an embroidery of your breed and cattery name, the charge begins at $65 and goes up from there.  You will be emailed a snapshot of what your embroidery will look like for your okay prior to starting your show curtains.

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